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Vitamin D3, Immunity and COVID 19

Immunity  involves both our innate( natural/ nonspecific)  and our adaptive ( eg. antibodies ) immune responses to pathogens ( eg. microbes/viruses) . Vitamin D3 Cholecalciferol works with the innate immune response  by increasing antiviral proteins . It also has a role in our adaptive immunity as well. Vitamin D deficiency is seen globally and has been studied as a risk factor in systemic infections as well as autoimmune diseases ( Fabbri, 2020). Adequate amounts of vitamin D will ensure we are giving our bodies what is required for bone metabolism as well as immunity. Studies indicate deficiencies in vitamin D3 can lead to increase in respiratory tract infections ( Fabbri, et al 2020)

According the studies I have read regarding the efficacy of Vitamin D3 and the severely ill with COVID 19, there seems to be mixed results. Those that have been studying Vitamin D, admit to experimental flaws.  In one study there was no difference recorded in the length of hospital stay but there may have slight decrease in death associated with Covid 19 ( Leaf, et al 2021). A study in France revealed the benefit of Vitamin D in nursing home residents with Covid 19. ( Cedric, et al 2020) Some of these studies did not look at the long term affect of taking adequate doses of Vitamin D but studied the effect of a single large dose to extremely sick patients. More studies are needed for sure.

Taking adequate Vitamin D is essential during the winter months. During the Spring or Summer, you will get adequate dose of vitamin D if you spend at least 15-30 minutes a day outdoors in the sunlight.

Recommended  adult dose is between 400-800 IU. However this may be too low for those who have a Vitamin D deficiency. 4000 IU is generally the maximum dose recommended but higher doses may be required if deficiency is present.

Since complications may arise with high doses and reactions with certain medications can occur, please do no take high dosages unless I or your general practitioner have made recommendations. As your Chiropractor I am able to order the test to determine Vitamin D level and make recommendations based on your level, health and medications history.



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