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Chiropractic Massage in Naperville

Dr. Ferris giving chiropractic massageDr. Diane Ferris’ office offers soft tissue massage therapy as a way to warm up the muscles in preparation for a chiropractic adjustment. Dr. Ferris finds that, for certain patients, this can increase the effectiveness of the comprehensive treatment approach.

The massage therapists at Dr. Diane Ferris are trained by Dr. Ferris, and are well-versed in what to do and (just as importantly) what not to do.

The massage techniques most often used are:

  • Effleurage, a light massage technique performed in such way that it does not attempt to move the muscles.
  • Friction, a technique where the therapist works at a specific knot (called an adhesion) with their thumb or fingers.

In keeping with her hybrid approach to care, Dr. Ferris will often incorporate massage therapy techniques into chiropractic adjustments.

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